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Professional coach, human performance expert, and nutritionist.

Jodi has been a coach and wellness expert for nearly 25 years. In that time, she has studied with some of the biggest names in fitness and nutrition including LifeTime, Snap Fitness Worldwide, and Mad Dogg Athletics. She has coached athletes young and old, and inspired thousands to improve their lives through a shift in movement and mindset. Her programs are followed by clients and athletes where she can be found both in-studio and online.

You can find Jodi working with clients, teaching classes, presenting at nutrition workshops, and coaching gymnastics. When she is not positively impacting her community in fitness, she is running around with her two teen boys, her husband, and her dog, Hudson.

  • Pilates, Strength, Athletes, Post-rehab training for all athletes.
  • Developing Strength, Power, and Support for Teams and Small Groups
  • Workshops and Events to Empower and Impact Healthy Communities

Reinspired workouts for the new home gym.

Exercise should never be boring...or expensive! If the Global pandemic has taught us nothing else, it has taught us to value our health. Stay home, save money, and improve your health by joining Jodi at home! The "SHIFT" home workout app was created to give you the freedom and flexibility to move your body and live your life. Click below for more information.

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  • Choose from over 50 workouts - plus modifications and options for all levels and interests. 

  • One new workout will be posted each week plus one LIVE workout hosted each week!

  • A FREE mobile app is included in your membership. Enjoy workouts anytime, from anywhere!

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